Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hodge, Evelyn A.

The late Engr. Wolfgang Wiedeking made you a beneficiary in his will to you in the Codicil. CONTACT THIS EMAIL FOR MORE
Barr. Javier Valls Esq.

You should be very excited! This is incredibly exciting. You emerge a prize winner of 700,000GBP in YouTube 2012 award To ensure that you NEVER miss this important prize. Call +(44)-7024053299 or send your Full Names/Address/Sex/Age/Occupation/Mobile Number to us for claims

Mrs Milly Ed

Susan Wright

Good Day

I have been directed to contact you by my boss, Mr. Tia Almeida, the Principal Assurance Manager of BANCO EFISA. He has an urgent business proposal for your consideration and acceptance he wishes to discuss with you. Kindly indicate your interest and get back to enable him furnish you with more information/details and modalities on this proposal via his private email address:



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